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Atlas Copco showcases product range at 58th Doe Show

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We are delighted to announce that Atlas Copco are bringing a variety of products to the 58th Doe Show in Maldon, Essex (Feb 6, 7, 8th).

Recently taken on as a franchise by Ernest Doe, this is a great chance for customers to see the different Atlas Copco products first hand.

The products that will be at the show include:

XAS48KD and XAS68KD Portable Air Compressors

The new 8 Series portable compressor range has set new standards across a number of design categories, from size and weight to efficiency and performance. These compressors all weigh less than 750kg, even with a full fuel tank, aftercooler and generator, making them easier to tow and transport than ever, whilst still being able to produce up to 5 m3/min of air. The 8 series consume less fuel than comparable models without compromising on performance, and all are fitted with the latest, toughest design of our award-winning HardHat®.

XATS138KD Portable Air Compressor

The XATS 138 portable compressor is efficient in many ways; high-quality performance, easy to use and to service, with an impressive fuel economy. With the use of the intuitive PACE (Pressure Adjusted through Cognitive Electronics) system, adjusting operating pressures for specific applications can be done in only a matter of seconds. The durable HardHat® protects the internal components, ensuring that the XATS 138 has a long life providing consistently good service. This powerful compressor is easy to tow due to being mounted on a single axle, as well as being compact and lightweight.

H5+ Light tower

The HiLight H5+ LED light tower was designed to provide optimum efficiency – just a single tower can illuminate an area of up to 5,000 m2, with an average brightness of 20 lux. The HiLight H5+ demonstrates exceptional fuel consumption with a fuel tank capacity that allows for 220 hours of full load running before refuelling. These award-winning light towers are specifically designed for portability, performance, and durability.

B5+ Light tower

The HiLight B5+ light tower is the best choice when it comes to transport efficiency by truck. Due to its compactness and small footprint, it is easy to install and provides maximum site safety.

LP9-20 Hydraulic Power Pack

The hydraulic power packs are light and compact, easy to lift and carry, as well as to transport and store. The high power to weight ratio means you save both manpower and fuel during transport. Many of the power packs are equipped with Power On Demand, a hydraulic regulatory system which automatically idles the engine when the tool is not in use.

LH230 Hydraulic breaker

The LH230E is among the best general purpose breakers available in the 23-28 kg range. They are commonly used with 5” asphalt chisels for road building and maintenance applications, but also work well in brickwork, frozen soil and concrete. Low vibration values, low noise levels and slim design makes this breaker the tool to use for years to come.

LPD-T Hydraulic Post driver

The post drivers have a push-down trigger system, perfect for driving fence posts, tent stakes and ground rods. A remote valve gives you extra reach. The post drivers accept a high back pressure in the return line, which allow you to operate from almost any hydraulic outlet.

Cobra PROi Motor driven breaker

The Cobra™ fuel injected petrol breaker is designed to make it easy for you to move fast and in harsh terrain. You can carry it on your back and set-up time is virtually zero. Easy service and top quality are especially important when you are working in the field, away from workshops. Hand-arm vibration has been reduced, making the Cobra™ range safer for the operator, minimising risk of injury. With a Cobra™, you can just grab and go, meaning there is no need for an external power supply.

WEDA30L Electric submersible pump

The range of WEDA pumps and accessories is designed for an extensive range of dewatering applications in, among others, the rental, construction and mining industries. They provide the performance, reliability, and ease of use you need. WEDA pumps feature built-in starter and motor protection, and optional automatic level control. Adjustable wear resistant rubber diffusors and hardened high chrome impellers ensure durability in tough environments.

QAS14 Generator

The QAS range is feature packed and comes with the ruggedness and reliability you demand from a generator. QAS generators, perfect for rental applications, are built for multi-drop use, facilitating easy transportation, installation and storage with its small dimensions, balanced weight and strong base frame with forklift slots. The larger QAS mobile generators feature an optional controller equipped with a Power Management System that enables the optimisation of fuel consumption and expands the lifetime of generators when they are working in parallel to form a mobile or independent power plant.

Another great franchise to showcase – we can’t wait to see these products at the Doe Show 2018! You can also join the event on Facebook.


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