Discover top-quality Dalbo rollers, seedbed and stubble cultivation attachments


DALBO UK: Your Trusted Partner for High-Quality Agricultural Equipment

The Dalbo Story

DALBO, a name synonymous with innovation and excellence in the world of agricultural machinery, traces its origins back to 1948 when it was founded by Henry Pedersen in the serene village of Randbol, Denmark. Situated near Billund, DALBO’s humble beginnings have blossomed into a storied legacy.

Over the years, DALBO has evolved into the largest manufacturer of hydraulic folding rollers in Europe. With a global reach that extends to over 40 countries, DALBO has been at the forefront of the agricultural industry’s development and progress.

Getting Closer to Customers

For many years, DALBO worked in collaboration with importers to serve the dynamic UK market. However, our commitment to offering the best to our valued customers led to a pivotal decision in May 2010 when DALBO UK was established. This strategic move allowed us to engage more closely with end-users and provide them with unmatched service and support.

Our Presence in the UK

DALBO UK operates from its base in Aylsham, Norfolk. This strategic location positions us ideally to support Ernest Doe’s network of branches in the South East and East Anglia, offering a comprehensive range of parts, service, and sales.

Our partnership with Ernest Doe and Sons has been a cornerstone of our UK presence since its inception. The synergy between the two companies has fueled consistent growth, and as a testament to this success, Ernest Doe and Sons have been honored as the DALBO European Dealer of the Year.

Our Product Range

At DALBO, our commitment to delivering the best agricultural equipment is unwavering. Today, we offer farmers and contractors of all sizes an extensive and innovative range of high-quality agricultural machinery designed to enhance efficiency and productivity. Our product line includes:

  1. Hydraulic Folding Cambridge Rollers: Designed to deliver impeccable soil consolidation and crop residue management.
  2. Hydraulic Folding Grassland Rollers: Tailored for optimal grassland care and maintenance.
  3. Seedbed Cultivators: Precisely engineered for seedbed preparation, ensuring the best conditions for your crops.
  4. Stubble Cultivators: Expertly crafted to manage post-harvest residue and promote soil health.
  5. Front Presses: Providing a finishing touch to your land preparation, enhancing seed-to-soil contact for superior crop growth.

The heart of DALBO’s expertise lies in land rollers, making us one of the most recognized and trusted names in Europe. We are renowned as pioneers in soil packers and disc harrows, with stubble and seedbed harrows perfectly complementing and rounding off our diverse product range.

At DALBO, we are dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to thrive in the world of agriculture. Whether you are a seasoned farmer or a growing contractor, we are here to support your journey with cutting-edge equipment and unwavering dedication to your success.

Discover the DALBO difference today and experience the future of agriculture with Ernest Doe!

Discover top-quality Dalbo rollers, seedbed and stubble cultivation attachments

DalBo Stubble Cultivators

DalBo Seedbed Cultivators

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