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Precision Farming

We offer a comprehensive range of satellite guidance systems for agricultural machinery, everything from basic light bars through to fully integrated RTK guidance on almost every machine. We have a dedicated team of in-house specialists who are on hand to offer expert advice and training.

Being a Trimble dealer, we can provide a wide range of the latest Trimble products. With our range of Trimble products, we can provide an auto-steer solution to anyone, whether you have a guidance-ready or non-guidance-ready machine. Also, with Trimble’s compatibility, we can fit our Trimble systems into any machine brand; therefore, each operation throughout the growing season can be improved with Trimble technologies.

With Trimble and CNH guidance systems, we can provide accuracies from sub-metre down to 2.5cm (RTK), and everyone’s needs can be catered for, whether it’s for spreading and spraying, cultivation, precision drilling or harvesting. RTK, which stands for Real Time Kinematics, is fast becoming the most popular system for a year-to-year pass accuracy of only 2.5cm and a pass-to-pass accuracy normally averaging 1.5-2cm. This can be done using a radio signal or modem (VRS).

Telemetry and data analysis is becoming increasingly popular each year in agriculture. Technology now allows farmers to look at the performance of their machines and crops to make crucial decisions on the farm and improve their production levels. PLM/AFS Connect telematics allows the farm manager or operator to connect with their machines from the comfort of their office or cab. With file transfer, CNH tractors and combines can send data remotely to the PLM/AFS Connect Portal, meaning farmers can view job data such as spreading/spraying application maps and yield maps once the job has been completed. Our Precision Farming Team are specialists in CNH telematics and can help with set up and installation plus free in-depth training.

Contact our precision farming manager Will Young today to find out how we can help you get the most out of your machinery or speak to your local branch or area sales manager who will be happy to guide you.

Ernest Doe Precision Farming Specialists

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