Berthoud Inter Row Sprayers

Berthoud Inter Row Sprayers

Berthoud Crop Spraying Equipment

Since 1895, BERTHOUD has been at the forefront of innovation in crop spraying technology. As one of the pioneers in this field in France and an integral part of the EXEL Industries group, they have become a symbol of excellence in plant protection worldwide.

At Ernest Doe, we are proud to be authorised dealers for Berthoud. Our partnership with this leading brand allows us to offer our customers their complete range of advanced crop spraying equipment.

Our Berthoud Product Range Includes:

Multi-Row Air Assisted Sprayer: Precise and powerful, the multi-row air assisted sprayer is designed to cater to the needs of modern farming.

WinAir with ABMost Booms: Achieve optimal coverage with the WinAir series, featuring advanced ABMost Booms that provide uniform spray patterns.

De-Mount Sprayers for New Holland Harvesters: These tailor-made sprayers offer the perfect fit for New Holland harvesters, ensuring seamless integration and performance.

Whether you are involved in commercial farming, fruit growing, or viticulture, our Berthoud products are engineered to meet the challenges of today’s demands.

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Would you like to discuss your specific requirements or learn more about our Berthoud products? Please contact your local branch or area sales manager.

At Ernest Doe, we believe in providing our customers with products that deliver quality and efficiency. With Berthoud’s reputation for innovation and our commitment to service, we invite you to discover how our solutions can meet your farming needs.

Berthoud Inter Row Sprayers

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