Provitis Defoliators and inter row weeders

Provitis Pruning & Leaf Removers

Elevating Your Fruit and Vineyard Operations

Ernest Doe, your trusted supplier of Provitis fruit and viticulture machinery. Our partnership with Provitis, a renowned name in viticulture since 2006, brings state-of-the-art fruit and vineyard machinery to you.

Provitis has been shaping the world of viticulture with their innovative machinery, focusing primarily on equipment designed for vine pruning and maintenance. These machines are designed to seamlessly integrate with interline tractors, high-clearance tractors, and harvesting machines, making vineyard maintenance a breeze.

As an authorised supplier of Provitis machinery, we at Ernest Doe share their commitment to delivering quality and value to our clients. Our knowledge and experience, coupled with Provitis’s cutting-edge technology, ensure that you receive reliable solutions to meet the unique requirements of your vineyard or fruit farm.

Our Fruit and Viticulture Machinery Specialists, are here to assist you.  Contact your local branch or area sales manager, as their guidance will be invaluable in finding the right equipment for your needs.

We are committed to helping you enhance productivity, streamline operations, and drive success in your viticulture or fruit farming journey.

Choose Ernest Doe for your Provitis machinery needs and experience the combined power of our expertise and Provitis’s innovative technology.

Provitis Defoliators and inter row weeders

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