STIHL: Pioneering Tools

Ever since Andreas Stihl, a true visionary, invented the world’s first portable chainsaw, the name STIHL has symbolised a relentless commitment to ground breaking technology. This dedication is underscored by substantial investments in research and development, coupled with an unwavering passion for simplifying people’s lives while working in the great outdoors. It’s these very principles that have cemented STIHL as the undisputed leader in petrol chainsaws since 1971.

Over the years, the STIHL family of products has grown to encompass a wide array of premium-quality tools tailored to meet the unique needs of arborists, professional ground care specialist and domestic gardeners . Among these exceptional offerings, you’ll find hedge and grass trimmers, multi-tools, pressure washers, construction tools, lawn mowers, lawn tractors, robotic mowers, and, of course, a diverse range of chainsaws.

What sets STIHL apart, no matter the tool you choose or the power source you prefer – be it battery, petrol, or electric – is the dedication to innovation. Each STIHL product is a testament to countless breakthroughs, offering exceptional performance and enduring quality.

At Ernest Doe, we’re proud to be a STIHL Approved Dealer. As such, we stock the entire range of STIHL products and accessories, ensuring that you have access to the best tools to fuel your outdoor needs. Our commitment to quality aligns perfectly with the STIHL ethos, and you can find these exceptional products at any of our 19 branches or on our websites.

When you choose STIHL, you’re choosing more than just a tool; you’re choosing a legacy of innovation, performance, and quality.


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