New Holland fruit tractor and New Holland Braud Havester

New Holland Fruit & Vineyard Tractors

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Are you looking for top-of-the-line agricultural equipment that excels in fruit and vineyard operations? Look no further! At Ernest Doe, we proudly present the powerful and versatile New Holland T4 Fruit and Vineyard Tractors alongside the cutting-edge Braud Harvester, designed to revolutionise the way you manage your orchards and vineyards.

Introducing the New Holland T4 Fruit and Vineyard Tractors:

1. Precision and Performance The New Holland T4 Fruit and Vineyard Tractors are the epitome of precision engineering, designed to meet the unique demands of fruit orchards and vineyards. With a focus on manoeuvrability, these tractors effortlessly navigate tight rows and challenging terrains, making them the ideal choice for your specialized agricultural tasks.

2. Compact Design, Incredible Power Don’t let the compact design fool you! The T4 series packs a powerful punch, ensuring you get the job done without compromising on productivity. Its excellent power-to-weight ratio allows for easy equipment attachment, seamless load carrying, and smooth operations without harming delicate crops.

3. Comfort and Safety: Operator-Centric Design We understand that long hours on the tractor can be tiring, so we’ve prioritized operator comfort in the T4 series. The ergonomically designed cabin reduces fatigue, while user-friendly controls enhance the overall experience. Safety features are integrated to ensure peace of mind while working under demanding conditions.

4. Tailored Features for Orchard and Vineyard Work The New Holland T4 Fruit and Vineyard Tractors are equipped with features designed specifically for the intricacies of orchard and vineyard tasks. These include:

  • Narrow Track Options: Select from a range of track width options to match your row spacing requirements precisely.
  • Versatile Transmission: Enjoy a smooth and efficient transmission system suitable for spraying, mowing, transporting, and more.
  • Low Profile: The tractors’ low overall height allows easy passage under low-hanging branches and vines.
  • Optimal Weight Distribution: Carefully designed weight distribution minimises soil compaction while maximizing traction and stability.
  • Hydraulic Options: Benefit from hydraulic remotes for seamless operation of various implements, such as harvesters, pruners, and sprayers.

Introducing the Braud Harvester:

1. Advanced Harvesting Technology The Braud Harvester is the pinnacle of harvesting technology, meticulously engineered to revolutionise fruit and grape harvesting. Its innovative features optimize harvesting efficiency, reducing losses and ensuring the highest crop quality.

2. Gentle Harvesting Action The Braud Harvester employs a gentle shaking and sorting process that guarantees minimal damage to fruits and vines, preserving the integrity of your crop yield.

3. Precision Sorting System With its state-of-the-art sorting system, the Braud Harvester ensures that only the highest quality fruits and grapes make it to your storage, ensuring a superior end product.

4. Operator Comfort and Control The harvester’s ergonomic cabin design prioritizes operator comfort, allowing for extended harvesting hours without compromising on efficiency. Intuitive controls put the power at your fingertips, giving you complete control over the harvesting process.

Why Choose Ernest Doe?

Ernest Doe is a trusted name in the agricultural machinery industry, known for our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With our extensive experience and expertise, we provide best in class equipment, excellent customer service, and reliable support to help you achieve your agricultural goals.

When it comes to managing your fruit orchard or vineyard, having the right equipment is crucial for success. The New Holland T4 Fruit and Vineyard Tractors and the Braud Harvester from Ernest Doe offer the perfect combination of precision, power, and efficiency to take your operations to the next level. Embrace the future of agriculture with us and experience the difference first-hand.

New Holland fruit tractor and New Holland Braud Havester

New Holland T4 FNV Speciality Tractors

Between your rows there’s space only for New Holland.

New Holland T3F

New Holland has a long tradition of excellence in the production of specialised orchard tractors. Designed and built to meet the demands and needs of professional fruit growers who seek a compact machine.

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