KRM Fruit and Vine Inter Row Mowers and Spreaders

KRM Fruit & Vine Spreaders

Fruit & Viticulture Equipment at Ernest Doe

Welcome to Ernest Doe, where we are dedicated to meeting the needs of today’s fruit growers and viticulturists with our selection of agricultural machinery. We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of KRM Spreaders, Side Discharge Mowers, Power Harrows, and Inter Vine Weeders. Designed with the highest standards of quality and durability, our equipment guarantees optimum performance and ensures your vineyard or orchard thrives.

KRM Spreaders

Precision is crucial when it comes to spreading fertilisers or pesticides in your orchards or vineyards. With our range of KRM Spreaders, rest assured that the job will be completed accurately and efficiently. These spreaders provide an even distribution, reducing waste and optimising your soil’s nutrient levels. They are easy to operate, adjustable to your specific requirements, and have been built to endure even the toughest farming conditions.

Side Discharge Mowers

At Ernest Doe, we understand the importance of effective mowing in fruit farming and viticulture. That’s why we offer robust KRM Side Discharge Mowers.  With their efficient side-discharge design, these mowers cut and distribute clippings evenly, promoting healthy regrowth while reducing the risk of disease. Their superior manoeuvrability ensures an effective mow, even in hard-to-reach areas.

Power Harrows

Proper soil preparation can make a significant difference to your crop’s health and yield. KRM Power Harrows are designed to break up soil, reduce clod size and mix residue for a perfect seedbed. By aerating the soil and improving water infiltration, these machines can significantly enhance your soil’s fertility and your crop’s growth potential.

Inter Vine Weeders

Weeds can be a significant challenge in vineyards and orchards, but not with KRM Inter Vine Weeders. These machines offer a chemical-free solution to controlling weeds, efficiently removing them from your rows without damaging your crops. These weeders are designed to work in tight spaces, preserving the health of your vines while maintaining the cleanliness and productivity of your land.

At Ernest Doe, our commitment to our customers goes beyond providing high-quality products. We also offer comprehensive after-sales support and service to ensure your machinery continues to operate at peak efficiency. With our well-stocked parts department and factory-trained technicians, we are ready to support you every step of the way.

KRM Fruit and Vine Inter Row Mowers and Spreaders

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