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At Ernest Doe, we take pride in being a trusted supplier of top-quality fruit and viticulture machinery. Our extensive range of equipment is sourced from reputable manufacturers such as New Holland, Case IH, Dondi, Ideal, Provitis, Berthoud, KRM, Fleming, Teagle, Berti, Tow and Blow and Marshall. With our commitment to excellence and decades of industry experience, we aim to meet all your agricultural needs efficiently and effectively.

Our Fruit and Viticulture Machinery offerings include:

Harvesters and Shakers: Maximize your fruit harvesting efficiency with our state-of-the-art harvesters and shakers. From compact models to heavy-duty solutions, we have equipment to suit orchards of all sizes. These machines are designed to carefully and quickly harvest fruits without causing damage.

Tractors: Our range of tractors from New Holland and Case IH provides exceptional power, versatility, and reliability. With various horsepower options and advanced features, these tractors are perfect for all your viticulture and orchard tasks.

Pruning Equipment: Pruning is essential for maintaining healthy and productive fruit trees and vineyards. Our pruning machinery from Provitis ensures precise and consistent pruning, leading to better yields and improved fruit quality.

Sprayers: Protect your crops from pests and diseases with our top-notch sprayers from trusted manufacturers including Berthoud and Ideal. These sprayers offer efficient coverage and help you maintain your fruit and vineyard health effectively.

Cultivation Equipment: Enhance soil health and prepare your land for planting with our cultivation machinery by Dondi. From ploughs to tillers, we offer durable and robust equipment to suit various soil types and conditions.

Irrigation Systems: Ensure your fruit trees and vines receive the right amount of water with our reliable irrigation systems. Water is vital for healthy growth, and our systems are designed to optimize water usage while improving crop yield.

Fertiliser Spreaders: Achieve even distribution of fertilisers across your orchards and vineyards with our quality fertiliser spreaders from KRM and Fleming. These machines are easy to operate and maintain, making your fertilisation process more efficient.

Mulchers and Mowers: Keep your orchards and vineyards tidy and weed-free with our mulchers and mowers from KRM. These machines help maintain the overall health of your crops and prevent unwanted plant growth.

Grape Harvesters: For viticulture needs, we offer specialised grape harvesters that carefully and efficiently harvest grapes, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring higher yields.

Seeders and Planters: Streamline your planting process with our precision seeders and planters, designed to optimize seed placement and spacing for better crop growth.

At Ernest Doe, we understand that every farm, orchard and vineyard has unique requirements. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing personalised solutions, excellent customer service, and reliable after-sales support. We strive to deliver the best possible service to help you achieve maximum productivity and profitability.

If you’re looking for top-tier fruit and viticulture machinery, look no further. Contact us today to discuss your needs and let Ernest Doe be your trusted machinery supplier.

Fruit and Viticulture - Fruit and Vineyard Machinery

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