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Ref No.PositionBranch
WS0818Agricultural Area Sales ManagerFulbourn
WS0816Groundcare Area Sales ManagerEsher
WS0812Parts & Showroom Manager Albourne
WS0809Agricultural Area Sales ManagerMarlesford
WS0799Agricultural Area Sales ManagerColchester


Ref No.PositionBranch
WS0814Admin Assistant (Marketing Dept)Ulting
WS0808E-commerce/Digital Marketing AssistantUlting

Business Support Services

Ref No.PositionBranch
WS0817Web Shop SupervisorUlting
WS0811Service Secretary Marlesford

Parts & Retail

Ref No.PositionBranch
WS0824Domestic Horticultural Showroom SalespersonBenington
WS0822Parts & Showroom SalespersonBenington
WS0821Domestic Horticultural Showroom SalespersonBenington
WS0820Trainee Parts & Showroom AssistantFulbourn
WS0819Part Time Showroom AssistantFulbourn
WS0803Parts & Showroom SalespersonEsher
WS0775Grass Machinery SalespersonFyfield


Ref No.PositionBranch
WS0825Professional Groundcare TechnicianFramlingham
WS0810Horticultural Service TechnicianFulbourn
WS0801Groundcare PDI TechnicianDartford
WS0790Horticultural Service TechnicianDartford

Service Department

Ref No.PositionBranch
WS0826Horticultural Service TechnicianFramlingham
WS0815Grass Machinery PDI Workshop Technician (Grass Machinery Sales)Ulting
WS0795Construction Service TechnicianUlting
WS0787Construction Service TechnicianAlbourne
WS0781Agricultural Service TechnicianMarlesford
WS0758Agricultural Service TechnicianDartford
WS0755Construction Service TechnicianBenington
WS0754cExperienced Service TechnicianLittleport
WS0753Agricultural Service TechnicianFyfield
WS0714Agricultural Service TechnicianColchester


Ref No.PositionBranch
WS0823Inter-Branch HGV Driver (Part Time)Ulting

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