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Head office: 01245 380311


  • SPIDER 600I6 ALP
  • SPIDER 1100I10
  • DISC 260 F ALP

SIP is a manufacturer of agricultural machinery used mostly for mowing, tedding, raking and gathering in fodder, picking and ensilaging maize, and spreading manure.




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SIP 3 Year Warranty

3 Year Warranty for SIP Products

This year marks the 65th Anniversary of SIP Grass Machinery. Over the last 65 years, SIP have reached certain important milestones: from the design of their first production program to the development of the brand and to the revival they are experiencing recently on the market.

They have recently set themselves the goal of becoming a leading specialist in grassland harvesting. Much has been done in the development of new products, the use of new types of materials and technologies, the refinement of control processes and, last but not least, the education of the sales and sales network, and customer support. They are one of the few suppliers of agricultural machinery that boasts the lowest number of complaints during the two-year general warranty period.

To establish themselves as a leading grass-harvesting specialist, they have decided to extend, under certain conditions*, a two-year guarantee period, without limitation, to the third year. This undoubtedly aims to raise the SIP brand’s reputation as a reliable supplier of robust and innovative solutions, increase the value of the machine in the secondary market and, among other things, make it more attractive to the most demanding professional users.


*On the website you can find the explanations and terms of the extended warranty.

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