New Holland Construction Wheel Loaders

Introducing New Holland Construction Wheel Loaders from Ernest Doe

Are you looking to boost your construction productivity while reducing expenses? Look no further than the impressive line-up of New Holland Construction Wheel Loaders available exclusively at Ernest Doe. With a commitment to performance, efficiency, and sustainability, these wheel loaders are designed to elevate your construction projects to new heights.

Tier 4 Interim Emissions Compliance: Maximizing Your Profit

New Holland’s Class C wheel loaders are engineered with Tier 4 interim emissions compliance, a testament to their dedication to environmental responsibility. This compliance not only helps protect our planet but also serves to increase your income by ensuring your equipment meets the latest regulatory standards. By choosing New Holland, you’re investing in a greener future and securing your bottom line.

A Diverse Range of Models

Ernest Doe proudly offers a selection of 9 different New Holland wheel loader models, each designed to meet specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re handling smaller tasks or taking on substantial construction challenges, there’s a New Holland wheel loader for you.

Impressive Power and Capability

New Holland’s wheel loaders boast power and lifting capabilities that cater to a wide spectrum of construction applications. With horsepower ranging between 144 and 197, these machines are built to tackle demanding tasks with ease. The lift capacity of 11 to 15.5 tonnes ensures that you have the muscle needed to move materials efficiently, making your construction projects run smoothly.

Versatility for Varied Settings

These wheel loaders are renowned for their adaptability in various construction settings. Whether you’re working on a bustling construction site or tackling a smaller project, New Holland Construction Wheel Loaders from Ernest Doe are up to the task. Their versatility allows you to excel in tasks ranging from material handling to earthmoving, giving you the flexibility you need to succeed.

Why Choose New Holland Construction Wheel Loaders from Ernest Doe?

  • Proven Performance: New Holland has a longstanding reputation for manufacturing top-tier construction equipment, and their wheel loaders are no exception. Count on them to deliver consistent, reliable performance.
  • Eco-Friendly: With Tier 4 interim emissions compliance, you can rest assured that you’re contributing to a cleaner environment while enjoying financial benefits.
  • Customized Solutions: With 9 models to choose from, you can select the perfect wheel loader that aligns with your project requirements.
  • Durable and Reliable: New Holland wheel loaders are built to withstand the rigors of construction work, ensuring longevity and low maintenance costs.

At Ernest Doe, we understand the importance of quality construction equipment to your business. That’s why we’re proud to offer New Holland Construction Wheel Loaders that enhance your capabilities while reducing your expenses. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have experienced the difference of New Holland’s Class C wheel loaders. Contact us today to explore our range and find the perfect solution for your construction needs.


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