Cushman Utility and Personnel Transport

Cushman upholds a standard of unmatched productivity and superior value, while continually pushing sustainability forward.

Cushman vehicles offer a complete range of heavy-duty industrial vehicles, comfortable personnel transport, and heavy hauling utility vehicles. Never be outworked with Cushman vehicles, designed to help you get the job done right every time.

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HAULER 800 / 800X

The Hauler 800 is built to transport people, tools, and equipment around any facility with ease. Available with a maintenance-free ELiTE lithium powered by Samsung SDI Technology, the Hauler 800 is suitably equipped to perform a variety of duties. When versatility and efficiency are a priority, the Hauler 800 is ready to get the job done.

The Hauler 800X can navigate through tougher terrain with its lifted suspension and rugged tires. The 8.4 cubic foot cargo bed and 325lb bed load capacity offer ample hauling possibilities.


The Hauler PRO comes with remarkable range and its zero-maintenance, ELiTE lithium powertrain is pushing sustainability forward. Its reduced weight and lower operational costs provide unrivalled performance. With a wide range of accessories, silent operations, and zero emissions, this utility vehicle will help you meet the exacting stands of the job. Also available – Hauler PRO LSV, Haulter PRO-X


Specifically designed to multi-task, the Shuttle 4 combines four forward-facing seats and a spacious cargo bed, ready to transport people and equipment wherever they need to be. Available with ELiTE lithium powered by Samsung SDI Technology, the Shuttle 4 is essential for day-in and day-out operations. Also available – Shuttle 2, 2+2, 6, 8)

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