Bednar FMT is an innovative manufacturer of agricultural machinery specializing in production of machines for tillage, seeding, fertiliser distribution and mulching. Thanks to the close and strong relationship with farmers, Bednar FMT ranks amongst the most progressive manufacturers developing and producing machines with high added values and reduced costs to farmers.

While Bednar FMT is the new name for cultivation and drilling in the UK and the republic of Ireland, we are a highly established and well-respected brand around the rest of the world.  Despite Bednar only being 23 years old, we already have a wide portfolio of machines to suit all arable and mixed farms of all sizes.

As a forward thinking, and dynamic dealership group, Ernest Doe was one of the early adopters of the Bednar range of equipment in the UK. The Ernest Doe team are seeing tremendous investment from local farming businesses, off the back of a highly successful 2020 demonstration campaign.

Bednar FMT

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