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Haemmerlin wheelbarrows for every purpose

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Haemmerlin has always been a key supplier for Ernest Doe due to their extensive, high-quality product range which fits the needs of our diverse customer base here at Ernest Doe. However, our underlying commitment to the range is highly influenced by the after-sales service and catalogue of replacement parts available to keep our customers on the move.

From the UK’s fastest selling smaller capacity barrows to our biggest bestselling Colossus and those in-between, we have a wheelbarrow for everyone which should last the test of time.

Our latest addition to the range is the all-new 90L Handibarrow, designed to revolutionise the home delivery market. This innovative, easy to assemble kit wheelbarrow ensures every customer in need of a DIY or Gardening wheelbarrow now has access to the very best in construction & quality.

For garden work, we highly recommend the Vibrante range with a large 90 litre capacity pan. In a variety of brightly coloured, lightweight Polypropylene trays, they are sure to bring a touch of cheer to routine chores. The Vibrante 110L Pick-Up’s go one better with a deeper tray giving you even more space and thanks to a unique notch is able to carry long handle tools along the length of the tray. A scale measure on the interior also features to help the user calculate the perfect mixture.

Shifting hefty loads such as building and home DIY, the Chillington and Aktiv ranges are the ideal choice as constructed with heavy duty tray supports. They also feature narrow trays which are perfectly sized for narrow pathways and glide easily through standard sized doorways.

The Pro-Select range has been developed to meet the specific needs of the horticulture, farming and equestrian sectors who consistently need to transport bulky heavy loads. With all products offering superb balance, the twin-wheeled versions have a completely renovated frame which has been reinforced beyond all others on the market today.

Tray and wheel types differ between the ranges but all offer the most fitting combinations:- galvanised, polypropylene and epoxy powder coated complimented with solid, pneumatic or puncture free tyres.

Pneumatic wheels are ideal for reducing vibration across uneven surfaces such as paddocks whereas solid and puncture free offer no flats or frustrations from unrefined hardcore, thorny bushes and hedgerows.

All wheels are inter-changeable so there is always an option to suit your environment and if you have ground to a halt from a puncture, we can get you back on the road with a brand new inner tube.

Replacement handle grips, axle pack and tray fittings are also available, whether you repairing wear and tear or you simply want to rejuvenate an old faithful.

Giving you peace of mind that each product has been designed to give top performance, developed with customer preferences in mind and the assurance that each part of the wheelbarrow has been manufactured using only the strongest and most suitable materials, choosing your next barrow should hopefully now be a whole lot easier.



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