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Ref No.PositionBranch
WS0631Branch & Sales Manager Fyfield
WS0622Service ManagerHurst Green
WS0621Parts & Showroom ManagerAlbourne
WS0619Agricultural Used Equipment ManagerUlting
WS0591Crane Service Manager / Technical SalesColchester
WS0597Parts & Showroom Manager Esher

Sales Department

Ref No.PositionBranch
WS0616Construction Area Sales ManagerUlting
WS0569Agricultural Area Sales ManagerBraintree

Parts & Retail

Ref No.PositionBranch
WS0625Parts & Showroom SalespersonMarlesford
WS0620Parts & Showroom SalespersonUlting
WS0617Parts & Groundcare Showroom SalespersonLittleport
WS0614Goods Inward & Showroom Salesperson (Part – Time)Colchester
WS0611Parts & Showroom SalespersonRingmer
WS0595Parts & Showroom SalespersonAlbourne

Parts Department

Ref No.PositionBranch
WS0610Parts Van SalespersonFyfield

Service Department

Ref No.PositionBranch
WS0630Horticultural Service TechnicianDartford
WS0627Agricultural Service TechnicianMarlesford
WS0628Agricultural Service TechnicianMarlesford
WS0627Groundcare PDI Technician Dartford
WS0612Agricultural Service TechnicianSudbury
WS0605Horticultural Service TechnicianRingmer
WS0604Horticultural Service TechnicianFyfield
WS0565Agricultural Service TechnicianDartford
WS0577Agricultural Service Technician / TraineeFyfield
WS0552Agricultural Service TechnicianRochford

Office Admin Department & Other

Ref No.PositionBranch
WS0632Web Shop AdministratorUlting
WS0626HR & Business Administration ApprenticeUlting
WS0623Workshop Admin AssistantHurst Green
WS0615Purchase Ledger AssistantUlting
WS0613Payroll & Benefits OfficerUlting
WS0609IT Systems AdministratorUlting

Health & Safety

Ref No.PositionBranch
WS0601Group Health & Safety AdvisorUlting


Ref No.PositionBranch
WS0632Web Shop AdministratorUlting
WS0624Clothing & Footwear Specialist SalespersonUlting

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