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New Holland BC5000 Baler

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Since the introduction of round bales and more importantly large square bales, most of today’s straw and hay is baled into larger packages. However, for a number of farming and leisure related activities, small rectangular bales are still the ideal solution. They can be handled manually and high quality fodder used in the equine industry is very well conserved in small rectangular bales. New Holland, historically the first brand in small rectangular balers, today offers two new models that have the right features for your hay and straw operations.

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Wrapping bales as they leave the baler eliminates exposure in the field and loss of quality due to weather conditions. Also, there is no chance for soil contamination. Should one of the plastic film rolls run out, it is possible to finish the bale wrapping cycle with one roll. In this case, the conveyor chain speed for the bale rotation is adapted to the single film application.

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